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The following page contains updates regarding Mary Beth's progress for May of 2000.

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The past week is a true testament to the answering of all of your prayers. Mary Beth has been attending school for elongated sessions and with all of classmates, performed magnificently in their three productions of Sleeping Beauty. She spent time with extended family over the weekend in celebrating Barbie's confirmation. She opted to baby-sit for Will and her newest cousin Clayton with Liz Stapleton during the confirmation mass itself. She said she didn't think she could last that long, but I think she didn't want to be put on the spot for the second year in a row by Bishop Braxton. :) On Saturday she sat for the math placement test at St Joseph's Academy, went out for lunch, toured the brewery, and helped barbecue. She received another chemotherapy treatment on Monday and was released today so she can attend May Crowning tomorrow. When I visited her at the hospital yesterday, the parking attendant ran up and hugged me, smiled, and told me that she was so happy to see how MB was doing. This was the first time she didn't need a wheelchair to get into the hospital. It is obvious to us that your prayers are being heard and answered. 

Thank you and God bless,


A scene from the 8th Grade production of Sleeping Beuty.  The good witches (Christine Marino, Danielle Vidal, Mary Beth, Gerilyn Goeddel) partly undo the curse of Evilena placed on Sleeping Beauty (Ashley Nusrala)

Liz Stapleton and Mary Beth at the May Crowning luncheon.

Mary Beth gives her speech and thanks to the Pillar community for all they have done for her and her family this year.


As witnessed by the photos, May Crowning was a wonderful event, and quite emotional for Sheila and especially me. The entire eighth grade did a great job during mass and at the luncheon where they spoke about what Pillar means to them. On Friday following May Crowning, Mary Beth was refueled by receiving a blood transfusion. She continues to regain strength and managed to attend May Crowning without her leg braces. We had a wonderful time celebrating Mother's Day with the Stapleton family at brunch and with our extended family for dinner. Heidi's birthday was the highlight of last week. She also enjoyed the eighth grade party at Billy Hyde's house on Friday and Abby Schwartz' Bat Mitzvah on Saturday. She was notified yesterday of her placement in Geometry at St. Joe this fall. Sheila informed William of her accomplishment of testing into Geometry and he promptly congratulated her by saying, "Mary Beffy, I'm so proud of you for climbing a tree!" Yes, our house remains to be filled with humor. Yesterday, she traveled to Hannibal for an all day field trip to take in the Mark Twain sites. Today, she attended her final eighth grade Pillar mass as she prepares for graduation on Thursday evening. On Wednesday evening, she receives another MRI to evaluate the progress of the chemotherapy treatments. We ask for your special prayers for positive results of this test. We know that we wouldn't be enjoying Mary Beth's success without each and everyone one of you.

Thank you and God bless you,


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