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The following page contains updates regarding Mary Beth's progress for June of 2000.

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Since our last update, Mary Beth graduated from eighth grade, an amazing event given where she was just six short months ago. We have also been informed by Mary Beth's doctors of very positive news. The results of her latest MRI are very encouraging. According to her lead oncologist, there is no sign of cancer on her brain and there remains one small "fleck" on her spine. As a result, her medical team has decided to decrease the intensity of the strength of her future treatments, starting with the treatment she is receiving today. We received this news on the night of her graduation from eighth grade, which made a wonderful evening even more spectacular. She also spent Memorial weekend at Innsbrook with the family, cooked out at the Stapleton's, partied at the Berra's graduation celebration, dined with the Marinos, saw "Dinosaur" with Will and her KC buddy - Elizabeth Gelpi, rode the rides at Six Flags to benefit Children's Hospital Night, and attended high school graduation for her cousin Lauren Kohn from Whitfield. She came to the airport last night with her sisters (too late for Will) to greet her mom and I on our return from Israel and Jordan. We want to express our gratitude to all who helped us while we were away, especially Sheila's Aunt Peggy Babka. We said prayers of thanksgiving for all of you and prayed for your continued health while we were in the Holy Land, and lit candles in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Church of the Nativity, and prayed at the Western Wall for you. Your prayers for Mary Beth continue to be heard.

Thank you and God bless you,


It is becoming a typical summer at the Ricken household with Mary Beth sleeping in, swimming, reading, playing with her little brother and fighting with her sisters. It is great to see that her illness hasn't affected her ability to her enjoy the summertime. Her latest chemotherapy treatment was less intense than others she has received, and she continues to gain mobility and strength. She is looking forward to leaving this Sunday for a week in San Diego with a group of other teens with cancer. This trip is sponsored by Operation Liftoff and will include healthcare professionals accompanying them to sites like the zoo and beach. Mary Beth will have the opportunity to share her experience with other teenagers with similar afflictions while having a release from the daily limitations of her illness. Her doctors have informed us that her treatments will revert back to the intense chemotherapy that she experienced this winter/spring for the next two sessions. The reasoning behind this decision is to ascertain that all potential cancer cells are killed by the medication because of the aggressive nature of the cancer. Following the July and August intense treatments, she will again be treated with the less intense treatments this fall, similar to her June treatment. We continue to be showered with prayers from all over the country and world and are eternally grateful for all you are doing for us.

Thank you and God bless you,


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