A Prayer of Thanksgiving

November 22, 2000

Dear God,

         Tonight is the eve of our Thanksgiving holiday and we would like to share a few words with you.  It was just over a year ago when you selected our family and friends to turn down a different path.  At first, it was the most difficult path we had ever been on, but we soon realized that there was a reason for this departure from the normal course of life.  With the help of your angels, our path became easier.

          We never asked you why Mary Beth got brain cancer because it is a question to which there is no simple answer.  Since you selected us for this journey, we have received countless blessings from you.  We want to thank you for your endless love you have expressed through the angels you sent to surround and support us.  Thank you for these blessed people who have come into our lives in the form of family, friends, and strangers from all walks of life.

          They are members of religious orders, our extended family, close friends, wonderful healthcare professionals, fellow parishioners from Our Lady of the Pillar, our children's friends, our childhood friends, our high school and college friends, our children's teachers, our Saint Joseph's Academy friends,  friends we met through our children and careers, acquaintances, friends of friends of friends of friends, etc. and perfect strangers who we may never meet.  They have spoken to you and all the angels and saints to ask for the restoration of Mary Beth's health if it be your will.

          Collectively, we have asked so much from you in the past year and you have responded to our prayers by granting us the miracle of Mary Beth's life.  We thank for our gifts we receive in everything aspect of our lives.  We have so many things that we often take for granted in our lives that we want to say thank you.

          We believe there is no greater force than the power of prayer and we thank you, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, our Blessed Mother, Padre Pio, St Peregrine, St Therese, St Rose Philippine Duchesne, St Elizabeth, St Martin, Father Tobin, Most Reverend Archbishop Rigali, and all the angels, saints, clergy, and religious for improving our relationship with you.

Some say friends are like angels who help carry you when your wings are damaged.  During the past year, you have sent us so many friends that have helped carry us with a limitless outpouring of loving prayer and support.  They have taken the time to care through generous selfless acts of love.  Thank you for this gift.

        Words can not do justice to express our gratitude for all you have done and continue to do for us.  We  thank you from the depths of our hearts and will forever hold you in our hearts.  May you bless all who have helped us and all who are in need of your mercy.

          Happy Thanksgiving to all who are reading this.  We are truly thankful to have you in our lives.


Gerry, Sheila, Mary Beth, Barbie, Heidi,

and William Ricken


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